“Chocolate Chip” Cookies

 photo 89b14d01-4649-4749-bdb2-386e98cb34d3_zps6v3hqomf.jpg

Over my lifetime of baking I’ve tested out my share of CCC recipes… SOMANYICANTEVENCOUNT. None, however, compare to this crispy yet chewy, sweet yet savory, amazing yet massively guilt inducing cookie. Sure, having one cookie here or there doesn’t rate too high on the guilt-o-meter, but can you really stop at one? Can you? Try this recipe and get back to me on how well you held out on inhaling the whole batch straight out of the oven. Not that I’ve ever done that… What?

 photo b1a9c013-d85b-44dc-8516-18a5b352f93d_zpsxbwjanlk.jpg

All joking and pestering aside, this is truly my favorite CCC recipe and the dough only gets better the longer it sits in the fridge or freezer before baking. The sea salt sprinkled on creates a good balance with the sweetness while adding an extra bit of texture as well. I once substituted the chocolate chips with the baby PB cups from TJ’s and have never looked back.

The bread flour in this recipe, being more glutinous, results in the perfectly chewy cookie. Nowadays I usually make it with all bread flour because I prefer a denser cookie, but I’ll let you all experiment on your own to find the perfect balance. The recipe as posted is already perfection. 😉

 photo 4f6143e3-9832-4476-89ef-d4411f0a3dc8_zpsh7iusp0a.jpg

Happy baking!!



6 thoughts on ““Chocolate Chip” Cookies

  1. This…sounds…SO FREAKIN GOOD why can’t I just have a dokodemo doaa so I can just show up at my BFF’s house, eat freshly baked cookies, and come back home, all within minutes??? Gonna have to bake me some of these REAL soon!

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