Cherry Almond Tart

 photo 781ea989-a6f6-400b-9f40-3e0f3e499ef4_zps2czutytq.jpg

Happy weekend!
I can’t believe how fast the summer is passing by, taking cherry season along with it. Before we know it, the produce aisle will no longer house these ruby beauties in abundance. With that in mind, I had been wracking my brain for the last two weeks on what I can make to remember them by before it’s too late! Yes, it’s serious.

 photo 125a22f1-9cd3-43be-869c-60074b759a2d_zpsolw1rtdt.jpg

After much brainstorming, I got the idea to just switch things up a bit with one of my all-time favorite recipes. I have been a long-time fan of Dorie Greenspan and her amazing French Pear Tart and decided to substitute the pears for cherries this time around. A little brush of this wonderful cherry jam on the crust before pouring in the filling and you have yourself (at least in my mind) an end to your cherry-recipe-search-woes. Don’t say I never did anything for you ;p.
These cherry preserves though… I can eat it straight out of the jar with a spoon. So good.

 photo IMG_0656_zpstquuj19t.jpg

What I did different from the recipe that is linked:

-Like Dorie Greenspan, i prefer a well-done crust so after removing the foil, I baked it 3-5 min longer than called for in the recipe

-After par-baking the crust, I brushed on a couple of tablespoons of the preserves before pouring in the filling

-I used roughly two cups of pitted cherries that I pitted with this handy contraption

-And last, but not least, I sprinkled on some sliced almonds before baking

 photo IMG_0554_zps12jyp7g1.jpg

Please excuse the sad lighting in the above photo.

 photo 01b3dd8d-5146-4daf-8e98-66c6b25d19ca_zpsymstfmfa.jpg

And… Voila! Happy baking!



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