SF’s Sweets Part One: Lemon Meringue Cake

 photo b76817b2-9df3-4cf8-ae0d-1a970f7ec8b4_zpsc1rnsepn.jpg

I got into my head the other day that I should re-create some of San Francisco’s most famous sweets and present the results to you wonderful people via this blawg. I mean, why not, right? I know it’s much easier to just go out and purchase said sweets, but to me, nothing beats the satisfaction of whipping it up myself in my own kitchen. So, in the spirit of being ambitious, I present to you Tartine’s Lemon Meringue Cake!

 photo a09d1f74-bffd-4a11-a715-387ab44d4e92_zpsxt1y0zim.jpg

This.Cake.Has.So.Much.Going.On. It is composed of lemon chiffon cake layered with a slightly bitter caramel sauce and lemon cream all incased in a cloud-like meringue that is torched to perfection.

 photo 975ba888-6a51-48c0-8cfd-b0c1fa21042e_zpse6gwqxts.jpg

Because this cake has many components, I made what I could ahead of time. The chiffon cake was made first (two days prior to assembly) and was wrapped tightly in plastic wrap and frozen until ready for use. The caramel sauce and lemon cream were made the day prior to the assembly of the cake, and the meringue was made the day of. All of the pre-made components held up nicely and made the project much less stressful and more enjoyable.

 photo ce9519ce-35cf-4772-8bdd-01c09c716a7c_zpsmqfkpkki.jpg

Now, set your inner pyromaniac free and torch away!

Happy baking!



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