Matcha Oreos

 photo 7af3abca-36d1-4d88-a6b8-4581f9b21563_zpsftsulvd1.jpg

Green tea has always been one of my favorite flavors. No matter how inventive and fancy people get with it in the creation of various desserts, it never fails to bring on feelings of nostalgia for me. AND it’s good for you!!! I mean so what if this recipe has a bunch of butter in it. The health benefits of the matcha powder probably evens it out, right?

 photo 31c2dded-16f5-48b7-820e-22b936a3f756_zpsls2cyhaa.jpg

Matcha anything intrigues me, but matcha oreos? Come on, I just couldn’t resist! They actually have matcha oreos in Japan, but it’s hard to come by in the states. Every once in a while I’ll see a bag of it floating around at my local Japanese grocery store, but the stock always gets cleaned out pretty quick. I’ve always wanted to try making some variation of the classic sandwich cookie anyway, so when I saw this recipe on Molly Yeh’s site, my weekend project was decided. I just love her blog from the beautiful photography, her cakes, just all of it, really.

 photo 3e81942c-6aa5-42e3-b254-c5c5a7e3bf16_zpsixhbe40z.jpg

This cookie is a delicate and buttery shortbread that pairs well with the sweet matcha buttercream. To make things easier, I rolled out my dough inside a gallon size ziplock bag and tore it open before cutting out the cookies shapes. It was quite warm on the day I made these, so the ziplock bag method made it a cinch to pop it in and out of the freezer to make cutting the dough easier.

 photo 13a67645-fce3-4203-9ec8-d344dfc76666_zpsc3bo1zoy.jpg

And if you’re not into the whole matcha thing (*GASP*IMNOTJUDGINGYOU,PROMISE), the chocolate shortbread is delicious on its own. How about dipping them in chocolate??? Mmm… But I guess that’ll have to wait for another post…

Happy baking!



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