Jalapeno Cheddar Hot dog Buns

 photo 4020ecbf-bf81-4b72-84e2-e8993db3225b_zps1q9tm2lh.jpg

These buns though…

 photo IMG_1356_zpskrz9qthg.jpg

I never thought the pillowy softness of asian bakery breads could be achieved until I heard about tangzhong roux. Using this method has changed bread baking for me forever!

 photo IMG_1363_zpsnqlrurks.jpg

I’ve attempted many bread recipes in the past with outcomes that have all varied in texture and in density, but this is officially my favorite bread baking method. It always turns out fluffy, moist and delicious. It tastes the best straight out of the oven, but also holds up well in the fridge to be re-heated for later consumption… If you can wait that long.

 photo IMG_1366_zpsz3tfxcvq.jpg

If you’ve ever baked bread, you know that it’s a commitment. It can take a bit of time to proof the dough (usually twice) and knead it to the right texture. Nothing is more disheartening than a failed recipe, but a failed recipe that you committed half a day to is just depressing. And who wants to be depressed? Not me. I want to be happy whilst eating happy bread.

 photo IMG_1377_zpsv3a9mboy.jpg

I used this tried-and-true RECIPE and added some cheddar and chopped up jalapeños to the dough to resemble the flavor of my favorite kind of bagel. Yes. BESTDECISIONEVER.

 photo 455a7552-0661-4d5e-aff9-d3e3f97120ae_zpsgl6erltu.jpg

 photo b963ca18-5056-436b-bce4-8c640d284c14_zpsbjd7bunc.jpg

Happy baking!



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