Cranberry Viennese Sandwich Creams

 photo 5c580b32-e250-487f-8abe-1b143af4b03e_zps03gjvewq.jpg

Wow, my favorite month (October) has come and gone in a blink of an eye… Did it even happen? The last couple of months have been such a busy whirlwind of activity that I haven’t been able to take in the season change… Or the time change (I’m still waking up an hour earlier than my alarm on my work days… at 4am… -_-).

 photo 93b4ac49-7d67-43e2-87c4-c3cc7499f2be_zps950frabs.jpg

Despite my gripe with daylight savings, Fall is definitely my favorite season and its arrival just doesn’t sink in until something autumnal is made in the kitchen. I know that making a pumpkin sweet of some sort is the usual knee-jerk reaction for some once the leaves start to turn, and it is for me, too… Usually.

 photo a2dfdf76-8f1b-4f9c-bf4f-cfd8a2daa8dd_zpsg78aotia.jpg

BUT when I saw these cookies on my IG feed, I could not get them out of my mind. I don’t know if it was the beautiful magenta hue of the cranberry cream or the prettily piped out cookie dough… I just had to try my hand at them.

 photo dacc8844-c2ff-4985-86d6-4e7787b0da50_zpsm0vby6l1.jpg

The cookie itself reminds me of alfajores (post coming soon… when I get my act together). The corn starch makes them incredibly light and crumbly and they just seem to melt in your mouth. The cranberry cream that is sandwiched in between fills me with thoughts of turkey day and the canned cranberry sauce that I so loved as a kid. No homemade fancy cranberry sauce will ever replace the canned version in my heart. So what if it plops out and keeps the shape of the can? It’s delicious.

 photo d9241fc8-d12f-418e-b609-1bdfeea26538_zpsejbnpenw.jpg

Anywho, I hope you visit the Lady and Pups blog for the recipe soon! Her content is amazing!

Happy baking!



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