Honey and Gochujang Brussel Sprouts

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How many of you grew up hating brussel sprouts? I know I did. I think I hated them before I even tried them. That’s because there’s this horrible rumor going around that brussel sprouts are disgusting. Well… I quickly learned that they’re over-hated and underrated. The secret is to not boil them until they’ve become balls of mush or under-bake them leaving them tasting like crunchy mounds of black licorice. YUCK. No wonder so many people hate on them.

Today is the day you discover the deliciousness of brussel spouts! So, I kind of accidentally came across this recipe because I was being lazy. Originally, these brussel sprouts were going to be finished tossed in bacon fat topped with crisp bacon, but I bypassed the whole bacon step (I know, how could I.. Well, I did), and tossed them in some pre made sauce I normally use on chicken. The brussel sprouts become crisp on the outside and creamy on the inside while baking in the oven. The outcome was a bowl of crispy, sweet, and spicy brussel sprouts-almost candy like. Delicious.

Gochujang is a sweet, salty, and spicy Korean fermented chili paste used in many Korean dishes and can be found in almost any Asian market.

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Honey and Gochujang Brussel Sprouts

1 lb. brussel sprouts, cut in half
1 Tbsp. oil
salt and pepper


3 Tbsp. honey
2 Tbsp. gochujang
1 tsp. balsamic vinegar

Preheat oven to 425 F.

Cut the edge (flat edge) of each brussel sprout off to cut off any dirty parts then cut each sprout in half, horizontally, cutting along its rib.

Toss with oil, salt and pepper.

Place on a foil lined sheet and bake in the oven for 20 minutes.

While the brussel sprouts are baking, make the sauce.

Combine the honey, gochujang, balsamic vinegar, and pepper in a small bowl and mix until everything is combined. If the sauce is too thick, stick the bowl into the microwave for about 20 seconds and mix again.

When the brussel sprouts are done baking, use a spoon to lightly drizzle the sauce over the brussel sprouts and toss to lightly cover them. Don’t drown the brussel sprouts with sauce.

Extra sauce can be refrigerated and used for round 2!



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